The main advantages of ornamental artificial turf


    The main advantages of ornamental artificial turf are:

    • Ease of maintenance
    • Easy to clean
    • Saving water, electricity and fuels
    • Saves work and time
    • No need to cut or fertilize the grass
    • Quality design
    • Green Meadow throughout the year
    • No standing water
    • No weeds, areas or zones remains scorched
    • Ability to it can be installed anywhere without special environmental needs

    The high quality of yarn used has the highest resistance to sunlight and weathering, such as to make the synthetic turf unbreakable and durable over time.

    The synthetic turf requires a moderate initial investment, but of course, low maintenance costs and reduced water consumption, allowing, in a short time, a rapid depreciation of the costs incurred. The synthetic turf of today it looks completely natural and helps to reduce water consumption.
    it 's ideal for those who enjoy a green environment but have little time to devote to it, perfect for those difficult areas where natural grass can't grow (Not exposed to the sun, parched land, near the sea, etc.).

    Decorative artificial turf is also the optimal solution to pave the green areas to commercial use (reception rooms, showrooms, exhibitions, etc..).

    In any season and any condition and geographical weather you can have your lawn always green!

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